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New Research released: A Proposal to Adopt a Reform in Taxing Multinational Corporations in Israel - Unitary Taxation

The Research is a publication of the Tax Justice Network in Israel and the College of Law and Business, Ramat Gan. 



Panel Discussion: Israeli Foreign Policy and modern Diplomacy in the 21st century, Tel Aviv University, April 20, 2015.

The Event was jointly organized with Mitvim the Israel Institute for Regional Foreign Policies and the Institute for Applied Diplomacy, Tel Aviv University. 

20/04/2015, 14:00-16:00, Naftali Building, Room 527, Tel Aviv University


Panel Discussion: EU-Russia Relations in the Context of EU Neighbourhood Policy, IDC, Herzliya, April 19, 2015.

The Event was jointly organized with the Israeli Association for the Study of European Integration (IASEI) and the Interdisciplinary Center (IDC), Herzliya. 

19/04/2015, 17:30-20:00, Room SL302, School of Sustainability, IDC, Herzliya


Opening of a new Politikva Course: Young Social Democratic Leadership in Israel, Jerusalem, April 17, 2015.

The aim of the present Politikva course is to train politically involved young adults, and provide them with content and in-depth knowledge about Israeli politics. 

17/04/2015, Jerusalem


A National or Religious Conflict? The Dispute over the Temple Mount/Al-Haram Al-Sharif in Jerusalem.

Article by Moshe Ma'oz published in the latest Issue of PERSPECTIVE|FES ISRAEL, April 2015. 



Third session of Researcher's Seminar Series on Holocaust Studies: Social Sciences in the face of the Holocaust, Massuah International Institute for Holocaust Studies, March 30, 2015.

Delegation of the SPD fraction of the German Bundestag in Israel, March 28 31, 2015.

Friedrich-Ebert-Stiftung made it to fifth most important development think tank in the world measured in media impact.

Meeting of young German unionists with their Israeli counterparts, March 23 April 2, 2015.

Radio Interview with Dr. Werner Puschra, Director of FES Israel, about the Results of the Elections to the 20th Knesset, March 18, 2015.

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Schlaglicht Israel offers an insight into internal Israeli debates and reflects selected, political events, that affect daily life in Israel. It appears every two weeks and summarizes articles that appeared in the Israeli daily press.

Schlaglicht Number 08/15, Latest News from the Israeli Press, April 1 - 15, 2015.

  • Agreement concerning the Iranian Nuclear Program
  • Tragedy at Yarmouk
  • Negotiations for a Coalition and perspectives for a National Union Coalition
  • Selection of Articles: Hillary Clinton's bravery is no small thing, Niv Asraf, apologize. To everyone; Netanyahu must buck the populist trend and keep VAT where it is; Ehud Olmert’s sad contribution to our festival of freedom; Roads I Didn’t Take (by bus on Shabbat)


The Friedrich-Ebert-Stiftung is a private non-profit German organization. It works to achieve the fundamental values of democracy, social justice, and peaceful international understanding.

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